13 November 2018

About Berico

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Our interdisciplinary team of engineers and analysts solve our customers toughest challenges related to Software Development & IT Modernization, Cloud Engineering & Governance, and Intelligence Analysis & Cyber Operations. We have developed Proven Methods, Tools and Reusable Solutions to expedite delivery.

Software Development & IT Modernization

We build software extremely well, and are battle-tested at modernizing legacy software/hardware.  We hire the best and brightest people to develop solutions using Frameworks like React and Spring.  Our teams truly follow Agile Scrum, and demonstrate/deliver working software every two weeks. We practice DevSecOps using Jenkins to automate our entire build process. We know how to secure applications, remove vulnerabilities and accredit solutions under Government A&A Frameworks.

Cloud Engineering & Governance

Our AWS Certified Cloud Engineers work directly with customers to utilize Amazon Web Services Commercial Cloud, GovCloud, and Commercial Cloud Services (C2S). We assist our customers with cloud migration, operations, network configuration and reference architectures, automation/tooling, optimization, and oversight/monitoring.

Intelligence Analysis & Cyber Operations

We provide analytic services ranging from targeting support in theatre, to political military analysis for strategic decision makers.  Our analysts also work alongside engineers as we perform user-centric design, to build meaningful and relevant solutions focused on solving our customer’s toughest data and analytic challenges.

Reusable Solutions

All of our processes and solutions are modular/componentized, and reusable. We hit the ground running when it comes to modernizing legacy systems, cloud engineering, and application development.  Examples of our work include Rivium (, our search, discovery and knowledge management toolkit; and CLAVIN (, our open source location extractor and resolver.  We have a suite of reusable components that are ready to use.

  Our Mission 

Berico is dedicated to building the best analytic tools and technical solutions for our clients.

Our analytic presence across the Intelligence Community provides us the insight and access necessary to deliver user-centric solutions. Our agile / continuous delivery software development process ensures speed to functionality. We are experts at applying cloud and open source technologies and delivering dramatic improvements in capability while reducing total cost of ownership.

Our Customer Approach

 We want to maximize your existing technology investments, while introducing new innovative solutions to your hardest problems.  We are specialists at IT Modernization, Software Application Development, Cloud Engineering/Governance, and Intelligence Analysis.  We adhere to best practices such as user-centric design, Agile Scrum, and Continuous Integration/Delivery to quickly deliver interoperable, configurable, and scalable solutions.


A challenging data landscape requires robust and intuitive tools

  • Rivium is an intuitive web-based data visualization, exploration, and collaboration application
  • Intuitive filtering and data visualizations minimize time spent searching for data and maximize time spent on analysis and data discovery
  • Rivium’s UI design and workflow streamlines all phases of research
  • User-friendly visualizations provide novel means for users to interact with and explore the data deluge

Conduct complex queries with a few simple clicks

With a few simple clicks, explore high-level trends within the corpus of data, or conduct complex queries – including geospatial and temporal – based on meta-data and extracted content.

Promote discovery

Visualize the trends that might otherwise be missed within a big data environment. No need to know a priori exactly what you are looking for in order to receive the relevant information. Search begins broadly and through data discovery and visualization hones in on interesting trends, outliers, and clusters of information within a big data environment.


Facilitate Collaboration

Workspaces include saved searches, alerts, folders, shared notes, and a dashboard for status updates and deliverable deadlines.

Persist institutional memory

Rivium provides a means for leadership to persist institutional knowledge despite changes in personnel.

Portable User Interface is ‘backend agnostic’

Successfully implemented with a variety of server and search technologies.


Don’t let rich geo-spatial data stay trapped in structured and unstructured text

  • CLAVIN (Cartographic Location And Vicinity INdexer) is an award-winning open source software tool for document geo-tagging and geo-parsing.
  • Automatically extracts location names from structured and unstructured text and resolves them against a gazetteer to produce data-rich geographic entities.
  • CLAVIN has 75% accuracy for geospatial entity resolution, can resolve 100 locations per second per CPU and process 1 million documents in under an hour on a 9-node Hadoop cluster. It can scale to billions of records.


  • Uses natural language processing, fuzzy matching, and context based heuristics
  • Disambiguates exactly which geographic entity was intended by the author, based on the context of the document (determine whether “Springfield” refers to Illinois or Massachusetts)
  • Recognizes alternative names (e.g., “Ivory Coast” and “Côte d’Ivoire”) as referring to the same geographic entity, and utilizes fuzzy search to reconcile incorrectly-spelled location names.


Enables advanced geospatial analytics, map visualizations, and hierarchical geospatial search integrated into multiple next-generation analytic platforms. Simple API renders results in virtually any visualization tool.


CLAVIN successfully replaces costly proprietary tools providing substantial cost savings while increasing flexibility.


Open Source

Released to the Open Source community on an Apache License.


Berico offers flexible licenses and advanced features with options for custom gazetteers, integration and support. Find CLAVIN listed on NASA SEWP

Professional Services

Our technical, domain, and subject matter experts have a proven track record of helping our Federal and Commercial customers drive greater performance through innovative custom solutions and specialized services.

Intelligence Analysis

Our analytic services range from targeting support at the tip of the spear to political military analysis for strategic decision makers at the highest levels of government.

Our analysts possess broad operational and academic experience and leverage cutting-edge industry and academic methodologies.

Berico analysts also work alongside engineers to keep solutions focused on solving end users’ toughest data and analytic challenges.

Cyberspace Operations

Berico provides training in cyberspace operations methodologies to include: footprinting, scanning, enumeration, gaining access, escalation, data exfiltration, covering tracks, backdoors, social engineering, wireless attacks, and forensics.

We also conduct Cyber wargames as a means for unit leadership to better understand the cyber operational environment and provide insights about operations and policies.

Berico currently provides cyberspace operations and training support to the 780th Military Intelligence Brigade and US Army Cyber Command.

Software Development & IT Modernization

Our teams are lead by Product Owners and User Representatives.  We build software for end-users, and practice user interface driven design, iteratively developing wireframes and mockups to maintain a shared vision.

We perform Agile Scrum and DevSecOps using tools like Atlassian JIRA, Jenkins, Slack, Selenium, and Github.  We believe in delivering quality code every two weeks using techniques like social coding, group estimation, linting, behavioral testing, load testing, and vulnerability testing. We integrate early/often, we apply security first, and we automate (almost) everything.

Our teams write software in JavaScript, Java, and .NET using the latest frameworks such as ReactJS, Spring and .NET Core.  We develop all of our software on Amazon Web Services, and build modular cloud-native solutions, using microservices to deliver highly scalable and interoperable software.

Cloud Engineering/Governance

Our AWS Certified Cloud Engineers provide comprehensive support services for Amazon Web Services Commercial Cloud, GovCloud, and Commercial Cloud Services (C2S). We perform cloud migration, operations, network configuration and reference architectures, automation/tooling, optimization, and oversight/monitoring. And we are adept at automating large scale data migration to the Cloud.

We built CloudTracker, a cloud-native application, to track cloud migration activities, managed service utilization, and cost. CloudTracker helps customers manage their variable cost in the Cloud for in-year/out-year budgetary planning, perform risk management, compliance checking, and optimization of service consumption.

We modernize legacy and cloud-native architectures so that they can leverage existing/emerging Cloud managed services. These services enhance application performance, scalability, reliability and deliver increased cost-savings to maximize return on investment (ROI).

  Prime Contract Vehicles 


Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Enhanced Solutions for the Information Technology Enterprise (E-SITE) vehicle


National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Multi Intelligence Analytical and Collection Support Services (MACSS) vehicle


Department of Commerce National Technical Information Service (NTIS), Joint Venture Partner


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